Uniting crypto influencers and users through intelligent bots, consolidating calls and providing proactive notifications for maximum impact. Community-driven, low-tax, and Ownership Renounced. 



Maximizing Impact and Connectivity in the Crypto Community through Intelligent Bots

We are thrilled to present 0xCbot, an innovative token built on the Ethereum blockchain with a vision to revolutionize access and collaboration within the crypto community. Our mission is to provide seamless connectivity among users, influencers, and callers, enabling a unified channel for sharing valuable insights and amplifying the impact of cryptocurrency calls.

At its core, 0xCbot leverages the power of two intelligent bots, each serving a distinct purpose to enhance the user experience. The first bot serves as a bridge, automatically consolidating calls from influencers into a single channel. This consolidation ensures that users have streamlined access to a plethora of insights, eliminating the need to navigate multiple channels and maximizing the efficiency of information flow.

Additionally, the second bot acts as a vigilant companion, diligently notifying the main chat whenever a call is made. This proactive alert system ensures that no valuable information goes unnoticed, keeping the community well-informed and fostering engagement among participants. By providing this notification mechanism, 0xCbot aims to enhance the visibility and reach of the callers, enabling them to attract more attention and potentially have a greater impact on their calls.

0xCbot Features


The bot efficiently consolidates calls from various crypto influencers into a single channel, providing users with a streamlined and centralized access point for valuable insights.


The bot sends proactive notifications to the main chat, ensuring that users are promptly alerted whenever a call is made. This feature enhances engagement and ensures that no important information goes unnoticed.


By uniting influencers and users, the bot amplifies the impact of calls. It provides increased visibility to callers, promoting their messages to a wider audience and enhancing the influence of their calls.


Phase 3

Transparency, Security, and Empowerment
Phase 3 of our roadmap entails conducting a comprehensive audit, pursuing platform listings, and establishing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), marking a significant step towards ensuring transparency, security, and community-driven governance for 0xCbot.

Phase 2

Expanding Horizons and Strengthening Presence
Phase 2 of our roadmap aims to expand into larger markets, enhance visibility through Dextools and CMC listings, strengthen community engagement with CG listing and virtual town hall meetings, and generate broader awareness through a billboard campaign, solidifying our presence in the crypto space.

Phase 1

Building Momentum and Establishing Presence
Phase 1 of our roadmap is marked by the successful launch of the project, accompanied by strategic marketing campaigns on Telegram and Twitter. We will prioritize community building efforts, and foster organic growth, laying the groundwork for our future success.


Our roadmap outlines the strategic milestones and key initiatives that will drive the evolution and growth of 0xCbot, ensuring its continued success in empowering the community and revolutionizing the way we interact with crypto calls

0xCbot Partners

We are proud to present our esteemed partners in the 0xCbot ecosystem, renowned influencers who share their valuable expertise with our community.

Cryptic Maestro










Partnership Program

We are excited to extend an invitation to influencers in the crypto community to become valued partners in the 0xCbot ecosystem. By joining forces, we can amplify the impact of your calls and provide you with a centralized platform to reach a wider audience. To express your interest and explore this unique collaboration opportunity, please fill out the form attached on our website. We look forward to forging strong partnerships and collectively shaping the future of decentralized finance.